Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Purpose of this all

This is a blog to share the experience of playing different role playing games for PC (well, other architectures may happen) under the famous Linux operating system.

For all of my computer activity which spans now over some years and decades I've been playing RPGs many times starting with old C64 ones till reaching the PC era of DOS games and later the Windows ones. Now as time passed I've become a notorious Linux user too and prefer to use it as my main operating system. Yet I'm trying to play my favorite newer or older games without switching to the Windows OS. This may or may not succeed at times. I choose to write about the success stories here, I hope there'll be some to share... ;-)

This way we hope to help those Linux users who are RPG fans with pointing out the possible alternative games and showing how we cope with them. The blog was started as a single man effort yet it's started to grow into something bigger when KhaaL joined. Hope we'll get a good work done here. Let's discover that Linux is for gaming! ;-)

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