Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Paul's test configuration

Just a short description, I'll modify it later in detail.

Gentoo Linux 2006.1
Xorg 7.3
wine 0.9.59
nvidia binary driver 169.12
kernel 2.6.22

AMD64 X2 3800+
Abit KN9 motherboard
Nvidia 8800GTS 320MB


qubodup said...

I recommend "Baldur's Gate II" (maybe with expansions pack) and even more "Planescape: Torment" but they're technically uninteresting, because they are all from Black Isle ("Icewind Dale"'s maker) and use the same engine.

"Fallout"/"Fallout 2" are two other excellent RPGs, also from Black Isle but with another engine.

Ah! I know! There's "Gothic", "Gothic 2" and "Gothic 3" (and some expansion packs AFAIK, I only played one and two - excellent games, I hope they didn't mess up the German->English translations)

Another recommendation I can make is "Silver." It has a cool/innovative controlling system, though I never finished it for its hard fights ^^

Perhaps you'll find something interesting in this list:

Ah yes! "SystemShock 2!" And with your machine, you probably could take on BioShock! I remember people trying this. Will probably require a bit of hacking, as far as I remember they got it working (though with very ugly graphical side-effects)

Good hunting! =)

qubodup said...

Post Scriptum: I just finished "Deus Ex" (number one) using Wine on Linux. Some strange behavior one time, but no problems in general (no wonder, "Unreal Tournament" engine after all)

Though I must admit that I cheated when playing it...

Paul said...

I know them all you mentioned. I've playing the BG series in my plans. I played BG1 one, a very good one. G1/2/3 was fun, I liked 3 the most. Silver I didn't really like because of its cartoonishness. Good idea to play these, I hope I will be able to tune some of'em up some day. :-)

Paul said...

of course when I say "played" i meant it under Windows. Hope we'll get these run under Linux too. Will appreciate advice when trying to do so later on this blog. :-)

Eric said...

I recommend for my part the game Eschalon, which is available for linux :

I'm still playing it at the moment.

Paul said...

I'll surely try that one further. I've already checked the demo version! :-) Thanks for the fine suggestion!