Monday, April 7, 2008

NWN 2 + 0.9.59 update

I've recently updated my wine to the latest version 0.9.59 and I'm glad to say that NWN2 mini-map and map problem is now fixed! I'm still playing it in a very slow pace as I've very little time for it. (I've also checked Icewind Dale if it is still working fine with the new version of wine and luckily it is.) Kudos for the wine developers! :)

PS.: I sadly see that the link to the guide for nwn2 installing is now broken. Here goes a copy of it: guide. Another important detail may be that I've patched the game to 1111153 without problems but haven't tried any newer updates yet.

UPDATE (13 Nov 2008): Trying to use with wine 1.1.18, result: no longer works! It tells me no usable D3D device could be detected, so I can't run the game with that version.