Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knights of the Chalice

This one is a recently released D&D RPG featuring very nice and challanging tactical combat plus very old school style graphics, 2D pixel art. It's classic and for those who are fond of those old times. The game features 3 classes to choose from (knight, cleric, wizard), is turn and party based. It has a lot of hours of gameplay in it, and for me it brings back the feeling of the DOS game Dark Sun. I'm already playing it for hours under Linux with latest wine, my party is level 6. So far no major problems with it except that there's no music (which is not a major thing IMO, it's midi music and for me it gets boring after a while too (tested it under Windows too :P)).
So far I have been able to play it with binary nvidia driver + wine. Intel driver didnt work well on my laptop (had to set backbuffer for OffScreenRendering in regedit to make it start, but it was way too slow!) So requirement is wine + nvidia (or probably ati) video card.

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Leszek Wroński said...

Unfortunately, I cannot run the 1.27b version in the newest Wine (nvidia drivers, Ubuntu 9.10). Any pointers on what I could do?