Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Neverwinter Nights 1 premium modules

The beauty called Neverwinter Nights changed the RPG genre radically in its time. While it may not be as revolutionary today, the content avaible for it is still unmatched and even though the beauty has grown old it still provides lots of entertaining, intruiges and adventure.

Some of you may have bought the diamond edition and managed to install it in linux (if you haven't, go here!). With that box comes the kingmaker, whitch's wake and shadowguard premium modules. While I personally think that kingmaker is the only one that stands out in quality, there's other modules such as darkness over daggerford that's free and on par with kingmaker in quality.

(The way to install them is also mentioned in the thread mentioned earlier.)

First, you'll need a fresh install of wine. You do that by removing the current directory, and that's done by typing the following command in the console:

rm -fr ~/.wine

But you can also create a seperate directory with wineprefixcreate... For the sake of simplicity, we'll stick with the method that'll wipe your wine folder off your harddrives face and save the wineprefixcreate for a later post (it DEMANDS a whole post soley for it!).

After removing your old wine directory you'll have to replace it. that's done by simply running


You don't have to make any changes since we only want it to recreate the ~/.wine folder.

Now we're closing to the finale! From the console, change the folder to your NWN folder - it's the one with nwnmain in it - and run the following command:

ln -s $PWD $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/n\:

That will create a drive called n: in wine which will point to your NWN folder. Besides that, we'll need to put in the registery entries NWN needs in order to install itself or other modules:

cat <<> nwn.reg

Now that the registery entry is created, lets merge it with wines registery!

regedit nwn.reg

And afterwards you might want to delete nwn.reg just to be tidy;

rm nwn.reg

Now you can install any premium or free module of your choosing by simply running the install file through wine. Congratulations! You've just pro-longed the life of your NWN
copy by 500%*!

*The numer is by no means scientefically accurate.

TIPS: You could run NWN in a windowed mode, if you like to keep an eye on your inbox or brag about your advances to your friends on chat. That is done by opening nwn.ini in your NWN folder, go to [Display Options] and alter (or add if it dosen't exist). AllowWindowedMode=1

Go ahead, make it wobbly with compiz-fusion while you're at it!



Paul said...

Wow, that's really neat! I had remembered that there's a tool or script of some kind for that, but that's really fun way to do the install directly to the game's directory! :-)

squall38 said...

Great post and great blog! I was wondering for a while whether there's a clever way to use the premium modules with the native NWN install.
Btw, I'm a big RPG fan and have been playing a few of them on Linux that you haven't yet mentioned in your blog. For example, Wizardry 8, Baldur's Gate I&II and Diablo 2 work perfectly using Wine. Maybe give those a try?

Paul said...

Wizardry 8 I've already tried and run successfully! IIRC I've played it through under Linux back years ago. BG I and II will surely work as it's Infinity Engine, just like the Icewind Dale series which is already working here well. :)